Brief history of the Seychelles National Library

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Carnegie Library
His Excellency the Governor & Mrs. Davidson's visit to the Carnegie Library
on the day of its opening. January 22,1910.

The Carnegie Library, predecessor to the Seychelles National Library was opened by Governor Davidson on 22nd January. The Carnegie Library was built from a grant provided by the Carnegie Trust Fund. The library was located on the ground floor of the building and was managed by a Board of Trustees. The first floor accommodated the exhibition and concert hall.

The Carnegie Library Board was dissolved and the Department of Education took over the management of the Carnegie Library and renamed it the Carnegie Public Library.

Former National library
The Carnegie Public Library was transferred to a newly renovated building on State House Avenue where it was officially declared as the National Library on December 15,1978.

Over the years, the National Library expanded into more specialised services such as the Children's Section, the Reference Section, a special collection on the Indian Ocean etc. Following this expansion there was a need for more space to accommodate the increasing stock and the number of readers. Provision was therefore made in the National Development Plan of 1985 - 1989 to construct a new building to house the National Library.

The National Library acquired its first mobile library bus, donated by the British High Commission. This facilitated mobile library services to schools and areas away from town vicinity.

The Ministry of Education, Information and Youth set up a National Library Trust Fund to implement the project in the National Development Plan of 1985 - 1989 which is to construct a new library building.

The Ministry of Education, Information and Youth contracted Vijay construction (Pty) Ltd to construct a new National Library building .

Seychelles National Library
The library moved to its present premises on Francis Rachel Street. It was officially opened by the President, Mr. France Albert Rene on June 18, 1994 as the Seychelles National Library.

The national ISBN agency was launched in December .

The Internet Section was created in 2000.

The first retrospective volume of the National Bibliography was pupblished on December 15, 2004.

The National Library logo, slogan and website were launched on December 15, 2004.

Re- launching of the book box service on Silhouette Island on April 28.


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